Shutting Down Tourvival

Hello friends,

After some review and discussion, we have decided to shut down We built Tourvival as an experiment to see if we could help out the DIY music scene by providing a site to help with touring needs. Unfortunately, despite our efforts and yours, we have been unable to make Tourvival take off in the community.

What went wrong?

We had a lot of people sign up to ask for help with booking shows and looking for places to stay. However, the majority of these requests for help went unanswered, with only a handful of requests receiving even one response.

Our built-in metrics showed that people often viewed the new requests for help in their area when they were notified, but never responded to them. This even continued with efforts to engage via our social media channels. Unfortunately, we’ve run through the resources and time frame that we set aside for Tourvival.

A look at the numbers:

  • 350 people joined Tourvival across 220 cities in the United States of America.
  • 100 bands/artists registered for Tourvival.
  • 70 DIY show requests were submitted.
  • 30 hospitality requests were submitted.
  • The top three cities with Tourvival members were: (1) Seattle, (2) Chicago, (3) Philadelphia.


We sincerely thank everyone who signed up and gave Tourvival the benefit of the doubt. Our friends, family, and people within the community gave us excellent support and promotion along the way, and we can never express how much that has meant to us. Music and arts have played such important parts in our lives, and we are so thankful to have had this opportunity to take a risk and try something we care about deeply. We will take the lessons learned forward into new and exciting projects.

We will be shutting down Tourvival, effective immediately. However, if you have any thoughts or feedback, please contact us at

-Keith and Reagan

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