Registering your band or artist on Tourvival


  1. Create an account. The first step is to create an account on Tourvival, if you haven’t already done so. Note: Sign up for an account under your real name, not your artist or band name. There will be opportunity to add your artist or band in the next step. If you have already registered your account under your band name, you can change your name on the profile settings page.
  2. Add band or artist connections. Gartist-registrationo to the profile connections page when you are logged in. From here, you can search for your band or artist’s name. If it hasn’t already been registered, you can click the Add button to add it. If your band or artist has already been registered by someone else in your group, then you can add a connection to it.After you have added a connection to an artist or band, then you can start filling out help requests for DIY shows and hospitality. You should add a connection to each band or artist you are associated with.

    Best practice: connections and feedback

    When you ask for help on Tourvival, you are asking for help on behalf of the band or artist that you are associated with. When someone provides feedback to the band or artist, the feedback applies to all of the connected members of that group.

    We recommend signing up each member of a band or group under a seperate Tourvival accounts. Then they can all receive feedback, which is helpful if they go off on solo tours or form new bands.

2 thoughts on “Registering your band or artist on Tourvival

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