Helping touring bands or artists near you

  1. Create an account and log in. First, create a Tourvival account. Then log into your account to complete the remaining steps.
  2. profile-settingsFill out your profile. Before responding to help requests, there are a few simple things that you can do right away to help build trust with other members. First, go to the profile settings page and describe yourself. This description is visible to other Tourvival members when they view your profile.
    From the profile settings page, you can also complete the mobile phone verification process to add an additional verification method to your account. If you are in a band or other type of act, register your band or act in your account’s profile connections.
  3. request-searchCheck for nearby help requests. Go to the volunteer opportunities page. The Local Search button searches for help requests near your location. If any bands or artists have active requests for hospitality or DIY shows in your area, they will show up in the search results.
    By default, the range is 150 miles, but you can change the range. You can also use the Global Search button to see a sampling of help requests outside of your area. If you see a help request outside of your area that you may be able to help with, you can respond to those too. A good example is that you may know a volunteer or promoter in the city the artist is asking for help in.
  4. request-messagesRespond to help requests. When you see a request that you might be able to assist with, click it (or click the view button) to see the full details. From the message details, you can click the artist or member contact to view more information about who is requesting help. You can send a message to the requester from the chat window to ask clarifying questions and let them know that you might be able to help them out. Even if you aren’t able to help the requester yourself, you can send a message to them if you can provide a lead on someone else who may be able to help. This is still helpful for the band or artist who is seeking help.
  5. request-feedbackLeave feedback. If you provided help to someone, leave feedback for them even if it was just a conversation. Feedback is an essential tool in building trust among members of the Tourvival community. You can leave feedback by opening the full request.
  6. notification-settingsSet your notification preferences. New help requests are submitted to Tourvival every week. You can avoid checking the site manually for new requests by setting your notification preferences in your profile. Tourvival will automatically send you an email when someone submits a new help request within your search range. You can also set how often you would like to be notified. By default, notifications are on when you create your account but they can be turned off at any time.

Community reminder: We need your help

Tourvival can only succeed with a large and active community of volunteering members. We have a very small budget for ads and rely heavily on word of mouth. You can help us today by responding to assistance requests in your community. You can also help us by recommending us to other bands, artists, performers, fans, volunteers, booking agents, and promoters. Reach out to your network, and help us to grow the online DIY touring community. For every new member you invite, it gets a little bit easier for this community to survive and thrive.

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