Booking DIY tour assistance or shows on Tourvival

  1. Create an account and log in. First, create a Tourvival account and log in. Then register your band or artist in your account’s profile connections.
  2. profile-settingsGet your profile ready. Before asking for help, there are a few simple things that you can do right away to help build trust with other members. First, go to the profile settings page and describe yourself. This description is visible to other Tourvival members when they view your profile. From the profile settings page, you can also complete the mobile phone verification process to add an additional verification method to your account
  3. Become active with the community. As a new Tourvival member, you won’t yet have feedback submitted about you from other members. Consider volunteering your time by helping other bands and artists, or simply by responding to nearby requests and helping to connect the requesters with people in your area who can help them. These interactions can generate feedback for your profile, and help other members trust you when you make your own assistance requests.
  4. Check the members map. Before you submit requests for help, check the members map. Ymembers-mapou can see cities that have one or more Tourvival members. By submitting assistance requests in areas
    with Tourvival members, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with someone to help you out.
    Note that Tourvival members might not always be available to
    respond or able to help you with a request. However, don’t let that stop you from submitting requests and seeing whether you can get help. And don’t be afraid to submit requests for cities that have no nearby members. As the Tourvival comm
    unity grows, more members will be added from new cities. If your request is submitted far enough in advance, a new member might join Tourvival and be able to help you in time.
  5. hospitality-requestSubmit an assistance request. Go to the assistance page. On that page you can submit a help request to the community. You currently have the option to ask for either hospitality (food, a place to stay, etc.) or a DIY show request, in a specific city that you select. There is a short form to fill out. You just enter the basic details of what you need help with, and when and where you need help.
    When filling out your requests for assistance, include relevant details that a volunteer or promoter might need to know. For example, provide how many members are in your group, if dates are flexible, special requirements, and so on. Once your request has been submitted, Tourvival will automatically notify members nearby that you have asked for help. If someone is available to help you, they can respond to your request and you can chat with them directly on the site.
  6. hosting-feedbackLeave feedback for members. If someone helped you out, leave feedback for them even if it was just a conversation. Feedback is an essential tool in building trust among members of the Tourvival community. You can leave feedback by opening the full request.

Best practice: ask for assistance early and often

There is no limit to how many requests for help you can submit. Going on a big tour? Feel free to submit help requests for every date on your tour. Just be a good citizen and return the favor to other artists when they visit near you.

Additionally, for best results, submit your requests far in advance. Some Tourvival members might have notifications turned off or they might check the site infrequently. If you submit your help requests far in advance (weeks or months), then they are more likely to be fulfilled. Most of all, be patient because it might take a while to get requests fulfilled while the Tourvival community grows.

Community reminder: we need your help

Tourvival can only succeed with a large and active community of volunteering members. We have a very small budget for ads and rely heavily on word of mouth. You can help us today by responding to assistance requests in your community. You can also help us by recommending us to other bands, artists, performers, fans, volunteers, booking agents, and promoters. Reach out to your network, and help us to grow the online DIY touring community. For every new member you invite, it gets a little bit easier for this community to survive and thrive.

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